Fishing at Hidden Valley


Did you know... After Alaska, Pennsylvania has the most miles of trout streams than any other state? So, cast a line from the shores of Hidden Valley Foundation's fishing ponds. From this point of view, you're certain to enjoy the best of both worlds: life among the trees and life on the water.


South Ridge Pond

South Ridge Drive
Hidden Valley, PA  15502

The South Ridge fishing pond is just steps away from the South Ridge Center recreational area and in the backyard of the Eagles Ridge townhomes. Hidden Valley Foundation welcomes you to enjoy local fishing in this trout-stocked pond. A fishing license is not required.

Highlands Pond

Gardner Road
Hidden Valley, PA  15502

The Highlands fishing pond is located along Gardner Road near the top of the Sunrise-Sunset chairlift. This pond is the larger of the two fishing ponds, but is also stocked with trout. Hidden Valley Foundation welcomes you to fish at your leisure. A fishing license is not required.

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